UCI Time Reporting System (TRS) is a flexible, scalable, and secure online timesheet application for employees and supervisors. TRS integrates UCI's complex pay policies and collective bargaining agreements, which will add value in the collection and computation of the time reporting process.

Implementing TRS increases campus efficiency and streamlines the time reporting process, assists in eliminating errors, and reduces risk through improved compliance.

TRS Implementation Phases and Timeline

Phase 1: Non-represented non-exempt bi-weekly employees (completed)
Phase 2: Non-represented exempt/non-exempt monthly employees (completed)
Phase 3:
  • Enhancements: November 1st (Monthly), October 30th (bi-weekly)
  • Represented Employees: December 1st (Monthly), November 27th (bi-weekly)
  • New Departments: January 1st 2012 (Monthly), December 25th (bi-weekly)

TRS Highlights (Phase I - Spring 2010)

Validates against UC time and attendance business rules
Captures all work hours including:
  • Submitted work time: Vacation, Sick, Comp. Time, Furlough, Voting, Jury Duty
  • Computed work time: Overtime, Shift Differential, Holiday Time
Processes work time from split appointment and multiple funding sources
Integration with PPS for automated time entry posting
Includes track-able work flow from timesheet initiation to PPS Update
Un-submitted or late timesheets are easily identified by the DTA and Supervisor

TRS Highlights (Phase II Winter 2010)

TRS now supports:
  • Monthly, non-represented employees
  • 9/80 and 4/40 alternate schedules
Some new features include:
  • DTAs can post late time transactions into PPS via TRS
  • Ability to save and print timesheets in PDF
  • DTAs can customize timesheets with distinctive identifiers
  • Leave balance information is now displayed on the Manage My Time screen

TRS Highlights (Phase III - Fall 2011)

TRS now supports:
  • Represented employees
  • Daily overtime calculation
  • Premium holiday calculation
The system now offers a new and improved calendar layout, as well as:
  • Work schedule management features
  • Late time submission to PPS is processed in real time
  • Employees can recall a timesheet if they accidentally submit to a supervisor
  • DTAs can grant alternate departmental access
  • DTAs and supervisors now have the ability to process early submission of timesheets